Lesson Info & Pricing

now offers lessons in:
𝄞 Clarinet
𝄞 Saxophone
𝄞 Flute
𝄞 Piano/Keyboard
𝄞 Ear Training
𝄞 Music Theory
𝄞 Early Childhood Music

Amanda and Aaron tailor lessons to each individual student. Students will gain a solid understanding of music theory, music notation, and ear training – which allow them to be more musical and expressive with their instruments. Amanda and Aaron challenge their students to achieve excellence while participating in fun, interactive lessons. Their students have earned college music scholarships, performed in honor bands, and played professional gigs.

now offers lessons in:
𝄞 Drums and Percussion
𝄞 Guitar
𝄞 Ukulele
𝄞 Bass Guitar
𝄞 Recording and Production
𝄞 Piano/Keyboard
𝄞 Music Theory
The first lesson is always free!
Lessons are generally once per week and are offered at the following rates:
30 Minutes                           -                 $25 per week
45 Minutes                           -                 $37.50 per week
60 Minutes                           -                 $50 per week
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